Dr. Giorgia Pollina

Data Quality Scientist
ZEISS Group (vorm. Cruisewatch)

Personal Background (academic training, degrees, continuing education, certificates etc.):

I am a physicist by training. I obtained my PhD in physics at LMU in 2018 and worked as researcher till the end of 2021. Now I work as data scientist in a small startup with a focus on Natural Language Processing.

What does a typical project or task look like in your day-to-day work (example project/task)?

A typical task consists in defining a strategy to extract meaningful information from unstructured data e.g. extracting important entities from a text or categorizing/summarizing its content in an automized fashion.

IT needs women power.

Dr. Giorgia Pollina

What three skills are essential in your position?

  • Coding
  • Advanced analytical skills
  • Communication Skills

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